Almost 200 years after the Belgian musician Adolphe Sax invented the first saxophone, the European Saxophone Ensemble (ESE) celebrates saxophone music. ESE brings together twelve young promising saxophone players from as many European countries to perform new compositions that allow to discover the incredible richness of the saxophone family.

ESE was founded in 2008 by the international award-winning saxophone player Cezariusz Gadzina and since its beginning received the honorable title of Cultural Ambassador of the European Union.
The artistic aim is to break down the barriers between different types of music, mainly classical, modern and improvisation. The repertoire covers a wide spectrum of styles: avant-jazz, contemporary, traditional and classical music. The compositions are commissioned from prominent composers from different European countries. Their concerts turn into a joyful feast where every generation finds its own language. European Saxophone Ensemble performed in almost all European countries, recorded 3 CDs, 1 DVD and took part in audio/video recordings for different radio and TV stations.