Invitation for auditions to open-minded saxophonists with young spirit (no age limit)

We are opening a new audition for the European Saxophone Ensemble. It will take form of the 4 days long workshop in Aosta, Italy. The first session will start on the 17th of July 2022 at 15h. There are two sessions planned both on the 18th and the 19th of July and a morning session on the 20th of July. The participants will play in different configurations starting from the quartet up to the 12 saxophones orchestra. They will work with Cezariusz Gadzina and Manuel Pramotton. On the 20th of July, in the afternoon, the final selection of the participants admitted to join the European Saxophone Ensemble will be announced. The selected participants will be invited directly to join the rehearsals on the 21st and the 22nd of July. These rehearsals will be crowned by the concert of the European Saxophone Ensemble during Aosta Classica Festival on the 23th of July.
Financial aspects:
Saxophonists willing to participate need to fill in the online inscription form and confirm their participation by payment of 340 € (240 € accommodation and meals + 100 € workshop fee). The workshop fee covers the costs of 6 sessions of workshops.  The accommodation fee covers the accommodation from 17th of July till the morning of the 20th of July. The following days of accommodation (from the afternoon of the 20th of July till the morning of the 24th of July) for the participants selected to play in the concert of the 24th July and consequently to join the European Saxophone Ensemble for future activities will be covered by the organizer. The saxophonists participating in the workshops in Aosta and NOT chosen to play in the concert of the 23rd of July in Aosta might leave on the 20th of July or stay longer in Aosta but on their own financial responsibility. The organizer can help these participants individually to obtain the attractive accommodation prices. The saxophonists who are selected for ESE will be remunerated for the concert of 23rd of July in the frame of Festival Aosta Classica.

Please submit this application form by the 30th of June 2022

Account n° for transferring the participation fee:
Bank: AXA BANK, Belgium
name: Muziek Forum
IBAN BE72751201039816